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Many people may need to make a desktop, notebook or laptop purchase. This is just a must read for every Laptop buyer before dolling out the cash to the Seller or before closing the online purchase deal. Many online guide on laptop purchase are either too voluminous, lengthy or boring for newbies because of the many technical jargons used. This write-up is intended to be simplified and straight to the point with less technical jargons.

There are specific questions you need to ask yourself and some information you need to ask the seller too. Please note that these rules may also apply to desktop or even notebook purchase.

Please note that the colour of the laptop and the slimness of the laptop is completely influenced by your personal taste and therefore differs from person to person.

Ask yourself the following questions

1.. What do I need the laptop for?

The type of work to be carried out using the laptop will determine the laptop specifications you may go for.

Assign less emphasis  on high processor or RAM if the  type of work is word processing or just for storing typed personal jobs and information.

If the type of work requires desktop publishing or heavy graphic designs , then emphasis should be laid on Processor speed and the RAM.

Place emphasis on the video card as well as the processor speed and RAM If the type of work involves gaming.

Ask the Laptop Seller the following questions –

1.. What is the Processor type:

The processor controls the overall performance of the Laptop, desktop or notebook. It depends on your budget and type of work. The higher the processor the better the performance of your system and the costlier the system.

Processors from lower to higher performance are

1st group – Intel core i3, core i5, Intel Core i7 – The higher the number, the better the performance. Core i3 and i5 are good buy for acceptable performance while Core i7 is best for type of work involving gaming and extensive graphic usage. AMD A is also similar to Core i3 and 5 but less common.

2nd Group – Intel Pentium and Celeron – You are advised to accept this processor if your type of work involves only word processing, web browsing or similar simple jobs. It is cheaper than Core i3 and can cater for a lower budget.

Others include AMD E, Intel Core M3, Intel Atom.

2.. What is the RAM size?

RAM means Random Access Memory and it is measured in bytes. It comes in different sizes like 512MB (Mega Byte), 1GB (Giga Byte), 2GB, 4GB , 8GB. RAM determines how fast your computer can work. Files and programs or applications opened by the user are kept temporarily in the RAM. The larger the RAM, the larger its capacity to retain many opened programs by the user and the faster the laptop. Many slow laptops are caused by low RAM size. RAM size of 4GB is ordinary good to considerably improve the speed of your laptop. 8GB is better but increases your cost. All these things are bound to change in the future due to rapid development in technology.

3.. Is my Storage device an Ordinary Hard Drive (HD) or a Solid State Drive (SSD).

This last question might not be all that important to an ordinary Laptop User. An SSD improves the performance of the Laptop. A Laptop with SSD is almost three times faster than a Laptop with ordinary HD and more expensive too. You can remain with HD (because of your budget) except high speed is your priority in the acquisition of a laptop.

Additional Information

1.Brand: . Some people might be interested in what brand of laptop to buy.. is it Dell, HP, Microsoft or Toshiba? All the Laptop brands I used have been wonderful. But the information below may also be a good guide.

smsalways.com laptop compare

Source:  http://www.laptopmag.com/articles/laptop-brand-ratings

2.. Operating System Mac or Windows : Some people may want to decide to go for Apple computers (Macbook) or Windows OS Laptop. Apple computers uses a different operating system called MAC OS X. MAC OS X has almost the same functionality as Microsoft Windows 10. The choice or Apple or Windows is a personal decision but Apple computers are far more expensive than others and with little flexibility for users to manipulate. It has well built security. For Windows Operating system, there are Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Note that touchscreen feature can be found in Windows 8 and above.

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