Withdraw Cash From POS Without ATM Card 3

Withdraw Cash From POS Without ATM Card

Withdraw Cash From POS Without ATM Card

Has it ever occurred to you that you can withdraw cash from POS Without ATM card? This is possible and easy. It is called cardless withdrawal from POS machine. We all know the full meaning of POS as Point Of Sales.

Please note that cardless withdrawal is only possible from a cardless enabled POS terminal.

You may not appreciate this development not until you are somehow stranded on the way without your ATM card to make withdrawals.  And this may be where there is no available cardless enabled ATM on site cardless enabled ATM for quick withdrawal.

Some Nigerian Banks have rolled out cardless enabled POS. The Merchant outlets are scattered everywhere in the major cities.

UBA Cardless Withdrawal (POS)

UBA Group cardless withdrawal is for both ATM ad POS. It follows the same steps with cardless ATM withdrawal for UBA group. The difference is on the maximum withdrawal limit. As at the time of writing this article, UBA Goup cardless withdrawal limit for ATM is N20,000. The withdrawal limit for POS at merchant location is N150,000.

The journey to a cardless withdrawal from either ATM or POS for UBA customers begins by a customer dialling *919# from a mobile number. This mobile number must be the one registered with the bank. This code dial will open up the menu for the User to follow instructions and generate a code.

A customer may also decide to dial *919*30# to directly initiate the process.

  • Get ready your paycode (cashout code), Amout to withdraw and Oe time cashout PIN.
  • Move to any Merchants outlet with cardless enabled POS terminal and consummate the transaction.

Merchants also accepts only the paycode as payment for  goods and services.


Problem(s) With Cardless Withdrawal

Cardless withdrawals is dependent on codes sent to mobile phones. This is a notable problem. This SMS code to the registered mobile phone is dependent on Telecom Provider’s network signal availability.  There is always a delay in code delivery when the Telecom provider’s network signal is down.

It becomes frustrating waiting for a code delivery to your phone.

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