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Many bulk sms senders innocently go against some GSM network policies while sending their bulk sms. Many GSM operators  do block any bulk sms message containing some unacceptable words.


Words like PROMO, WOW, YELLOW, Financial references, Phone numbers, etc are not allowed and are being filtered by MTN, GLO, Etisalat and Airtel in Nigeria.


This is to help militate against fraudsters who send unsolicited bulk sms messages to deceive and extort money from unsuspecting recipients.


Therefore as someone that sends messages using bulk sms, it is expedient that you understand some of the words to avoid while composing your bulk sms messages.


Whenever you send a bulk sms message through any bulk sms service platform and the message is not delivered. Kindly take a few minutes to find out if you are not going against some rules while composing your bulk sms message.


Avoid these and similar examples (Else your bulk sms messages will not be delivered)::

Bulk sms Smsalways


1.. Wow, It is celebration time

2.. This is a great yuletide Promo.

3.. Celebration attire is yellow

4.. Recently, Globacom Nigeria introduced a spam policy. When sending messages (bulk sms) to Glo network, always avoid including mobile numbers in the message content.


Avoid this example
“We are now open for business, for enquiries contact 08055555555”


“Pls contact Femi at 08071111111”

If you must have Mobile number in the content of your message, Please send with a dash or dot.
Use this example


“We are now open for business, for enquiries contact 080.5555.5555”


“Pls contact Femi at 080-7111-1111”




Effective 01/07/2016 all GSM Networks in Nigeria implemented/commenced with DoNotDisturb as instructed by the NCC.

As a result you will have seen an increased failure rate of SMS-MT on bulk binds for all networks (Some of the bulk sms sent are not delivered to some numbers).
MTN Nigeria – “we have implemented the DND on our side as well this day as instructed by MTN Nigeria


To opt out of the service:

send the word ”ALLOW” via SMS to 2442.


The  following DND options exist for MTN lines


Send Any Option

Below to 2442

STOP  To stop all sms .
ALLOW  To receive all SMS
SMS 1  To receive sms on Banking/ Insurance / Financial Products
 SMS 2  To receive sms on Real Estate
 SMS 3  To receive sms on Education
 SMS 4  To receive sms on Health
SMS 5  To receive sms on Consumer goods And Automobiles
SMS 6  To receive sms on Communication/ Broadcasting/ Entertainment / IT
SMS 7  To receive sms on Tourism / Leisure
SMS 8  To receive sms on Sport
SMS 9  To receive sms on Religion
STATUS  To check your DND status
HELP  For more DND options

More options are on  https://donotdisturb.mtnonline.com:8081/vasportal/index.action#login


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