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TStv Africa

Update Information 24th March, 2018: TStv Africa just announced the new date for commencement of its new Decoder – Sassy Decoder . The new date is 1st April 2018. The new decoder shall go for N3,500, a slash from the original set price of N5,000.


There is every hope that this new date shall stand after several disappointments given to Nigerians.

The cost of the Decoder is very cheap when compared to that of DStv.



TStv Africa is a wholly owned Nigerian indigenous Satellite TV. It was inaugurated in 1st October 2017 . It came with promises of providing  services such as

  • Pay As You View (PAYV) subscription
  • Complimentary Internet services
  • Pause subsription
  • Video calls
  • Entertainment, informative and educative programs.

It was really meant to break the monopoly of DSTV in Nigeria and beyond. It came with a lot of hopes for Nigerians who are feeling exploited by DSTV owners. (Learn more about Codes for DSTV subscription).

Unfortunately since the time of the TStv launch, they have not been able to roll out their commercial Decoders to the public. They have not kept promises with respect to their roll out date. The first planned roll out date was 1st November , 2017. It was later postponed to another future date.

It was also reported that Turner (owner of CNN) and beIN warned TStv Africa against piracy.

The following contact details are available for TSTV

Contact phone number – 0905 557 8222

See TStv Official Facebook


It is with great disappointment that most Nigerians still wonder why the New pay-TV operator is yet to commence full operation and sale of Decoder months after its launch.

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