Simplified Video on Sending Bulk SMS 1

This is a training Video on sending bulk sms using SMSalways platform.

The Video discusses how to copy phone numbers from excel to SMSalways database and then send bulk sms. It simplifies sending bulk sms in SMSalways platform.


Things to note

The phone numbers are shown with country codes already assigned to it.

The training illustration used the Nigeria code – 234. That is why you can have the numbers as 2348037249129, 2348037249131 and others. you may have your database of numbers without the country code. This should not bother you. This is because you can always join the numbers to the country code using  Excel. This is done with the help of Concatenation command in Excel (Training Video Here).

If you are new to use of Microsoft Excel, you may need to get a quick Excel training for beginners.




This is a training video on sending personalised bulk sms.


Things to note

Personalized bulk sms is the easiest way to manage communication among a group. This is most important where the different individuals that make up the group are  expected to receive personal messages that affect them .

Example is

where a Financial Secretary of a group wants to communicate to individual members . Each member receives as bulk sms the amount accrued to him

A teacher wants to send the individual scores of each student to them as sms

An Operator wants to send the Telephone bills to each Client through bulk sms. Every Client shall receive his bills as accrued to him through bulk sms .

The only thing that can affect the delivery is if the operators mobile number is on DND. DND Policy affects bulk sms delivery. Learn more about DND Policy In Nigeria.

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