How To Remove DND Policy On MTN Mobile Number

You must have been receiving customized bulk sms and suddenly you do not receive again. You may be wondering what has gone wrong. The fault is not actually from you; It is the DND policy which has become active on your mobile number. It is being implemented gradually on all mobile phones as instructed by NCC. And your problem becomes how to remove DND policy on your MTN line.

DND means Do Not Disturb. This is a policy implemented by Mobile operators such as MTN, GLO etc which disallows bulk sms to be sent to your Mobile number without your permission. The implementation of this policy began since July 01, 2016 . It is gradually taking effect on mobile lines registered in Nigeria. You can get the details on MTN Vasportal


  • You can know if your MTN mobile number is disallowed from receiving bulksms or that DND policy is active on your mobile line by doing the following –


  • Send STATUS to 2442


If you get a response below , then your mobile number is disallowed from receiving customized bulk sms or unsolicited bulk sms

  • The do-not-disturb service is Active in full blocking more on your line. .


If you get a response below, then you do not have any problem with DND policy. It is not implemented on your mobile number –


These steps listed below on removing the DND policy on your mobile line and to ensure that your mobile number start receiving bulk sms again have worked 100 percent on all MTN numbers. Some may start receiving immediately and some may start receiving after some hours.

The steps

1.. Send STOP to 2442

You will get a response from 2442 as below :

Your account has been successfully registered, the initial password is bdmhgZPR, please login to as soon as possible to change the password, thank you!

or a response from MTNN as below:

You have successfully activated the Do-Not-Disturb service on your line. please login to or SMS HELP to 2442 to see more filtering options. You can also opt out at any time by sending ALLOW to 2442.


(You must receive this type of response from 2442 or MTNN  before you proceed to step 2)

2..  Again send ALLOW to 2442

You will get  a response from 2442 or MTNN as below:

The Do-Not-Disturb service has been successfully deactivated on your number. Thank you.


After some time, your MTN line will start receiving customized bulk sms messages sent to you by a group you belong to.



When you SMS HELP to 2442 , you get the following options:


Send Option to 2442

STOP To stop all sms .
ALLOW To receive all SMS
STATUS To check your DND status
HELP For more DND options
SMS 1 To receive sms on Banking/ Insurance / Financial Products
SMS 2 To receive sms on Real Estate
SMS 3 To receive sms on Education
SMS 4 To receive sms on Health
SMS 5 To receive sms on Consumer goods And Automobiles
SMS 6 To receive sms on Communication/ Broadcasting/ Entertainment / IT
SMS 7 To receive sms on Tourism / Leisure
SMS 8 To receive sms on Sport
SMS 9 To receive sms on Religion
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