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This may sound as good news to parents who want to keep an eye on their children, an employer who wants to monitor his employee’s interactions and partner’s escapades. Your phone can be your employed detective. It is no longer news; this is because many companies are already doing it.

In these days that everybody wants to be in control of events and on top of situations, tracking has become the order of the day. We track cars for security reasons, CCTV for safety and phones for both safety and security reasons. Parents monitor their kids, employers monitor their employees against fraud and unwarranted anti business activity. Spouses monitor partners against cheating.

There are lots of Mobile phone tracking softwares available which can track calls, SMS, Emails on Mobile phones, Address books, instant messages, view photos and videos stored on mobile phones.

Tracking of cell phone is legal on two conditions

  1. The installer must be the owner of the target phone or must have legal authority over the phone.
  2. The installer must inform the adult using the monitored phone that he /she is being monitored.

Anything outside the above conditions are considered as illegal in most countries except in the case of under aged children.

Some Mobile phones Spy software companies and their websites include –

Mspy:                                   http://www.mspy.com/

Flexispy:                              http://www.flexispy.com/

Highster Mobile:              http://www.highstermobile.co/

Spyera:                                 http://spyera.com/

Some of these Spy phone softwares when installed on phones can actually perform the following on the  target mobile phone:

  • Listen to and record your Live calls:

The software has the capability of listening to your live calls and the option to record calls and listen to it later.

  • IM and SMS messages tracking

The spy software can track conversations on Facebook, WhatsAPP, SKYPE, WeChat, Hangouts, iMessage, Viber, BBM, PIN, SnapChat and all messages (incoming and outgoing)

  • Grab passcode And password

With these softwares, your passwords and passcodes are no longer as safe as one thinks. Some of the Spy softwares(such as spyera and Mspy) can grab passcodes and passwords used on phones such as Android, Ipad and Iphone for access by the Installer. It also identifies the social media login credentials stored on the target phone and makes it available for the recipient or the installer.

  • Tracks location of the target mobile Phone:

The location of the target mobile phone can be tracked with the help of the Spy software making use of the GPS positioning.

  • Accesses Multimedia files on Phone:

The software can also access all videos, audio files, photos that are stored on the mobile device. These multimedia files are uploaded to the recipient account for direct access.

The mobile phone must have an internet connection for the Spy software to work . It is also a bad news for Android phone owners that Spy software works more on Android phones than Iphones . This is because Spy software as a third party software requires a jailbreak on Iphone for it to work.

In the case of Mspy and Flexispy, an option to hid the icon or show it on the Launcher is provided and the usage purpose is also presented.

The information on this article is likely to change with time as a result of rapid change in technological development. You may subscribe to this site in order to get updates on changes that may occur.

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