How to install Add-ons to Mozilla Firefox for YouTube video downloads to your Laptop

I have been receiving many enquiries regarding how to download YouTube videos to one’s local drive.

This is very easy to do. The following steps will guide you on how to do that.

There are many softwares available that can help you download videos faster to you local drive and then watch offline later. one of them is Internet Download Manager (IDM) . It is not a free software. You can get it at

To get a free download , you can consider this option which must be done only on Mozilla Firefox. This is installing an add-ons to the browser to enable a YouTube and other source video download.

The first thing to do is to open your Mozilla Firefox browser,

  • Open the Tools option of the Menu bar
  • Click on Add-ons in the Tools menu
  • At the Add-on Manager section, click on Get Add-on option at the Left Menu bar
  • Type ‘Youtube Downloads as MP4’ at the Search box located at the left corner and click on the search symbol.

You will get list off available Add-ons for YouTube downloads.

  • Select any of them and install.
  • Then go back to your Mozilla Firefox browser and open the video. The Download option will be displayed.
  • Simply Click on the download option, select the download format and go ahead to download the video.

Please if you are unable to get through with the information on download here and your still having difficulty carrying out the task, You may need  to watch the video below to get the exact demonstration of the steps to follow.

This is the video on how to install Add-ons to Mozilla Firefox for YouTube Video downloads

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