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Before you use your MasterCard on that shopping website banner
Many hackers are everywhere and most of the websites on the world wide web lack the necessary security features to protect personal information supplied by the site users during an online payment.
Most websites are compromised without the knowledge of the owner and expose users’ information to the online hackers
Therefore it is necessary to be careful before using your MasterCard for online payment or supplying useful personal information on any website.
For safety precautions, you need to find out the following about the website.

1. .Protect yourself first;

Be a bit defensive by ensuring that the computer you are using for the online shopping is protected with strong firewall and antivirus. This will guard you against scammers who pose as online Storefront in order to secretly install codes on your device and steal your personal bank information.


2. Take a careful look at the website name.

Some hackers mimic websites by creating a similar name of the original website.

Illustration : to mimic an original site of First one bank which may be, hackers may trick unsuspecting users with the following site – and

illustration on website security


3. Look out for the “https” at the beginning of the web page during checkout.

https sign for secure website

If there is no https at the beginning of the web address during supply of your personal card details, kindly stop the transaction.


4. Look out for a Security sign. .

padlock sign for secure website

The web address should have a padlock symbol or an unbroken key icon before it.


5.Use Known Websites.

In Most cases, when online payment is involved, always relate with websites already used, approved and trusted by other people. Be suspicious whenever using your Credit/Debit card on sites only known to you.


6. Do a brief background check of the Website Owner.

Anything involving your money must require extra caution on your part. A real website must have

  • A physical address or a valid phone number
  • Return Policy,
  • Privacy statement

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