How to create , share and grant folder permission

Windows 8 Folders

This tutorial shall focus on Windows 8 folders. It handles how to Create, share and Grant folder permission in Windows 8. This tutorial is also applicable to Windows 7 with just a slight modification.

We create folders in Window to ensure that our various files are well organised. There is  always need to create different folders and each folder shall store similar files.

Creating Folders:

To create a folder in Windows 8, the following steps are involved.

Simply right click anywhere on the desktop, click on New

Click on Folder

A new Folder with name “New Folder” shall appear on the desktop

Then give the folder a name.

Creating a folder in windows 8


Sharing Folders:

It is necessary to share a folder on your local drive. This is only if you want other users connected to the same network with you to have access to it. To share the created Folder, the following steps are also available in Windows 8 platform (Other Windows operating system may have similar steps).

Identify the folder to be shared and right click on it.

Click on Properties,

On My Folder Property box, click on Share

Sharing a folder in windows 8


Select the Group or people to share the folder with, click on Share

On the next displayed page, click Done then click Ok on the next page to close out


Granting Folder Permission:

A user may want other users to have right to modify files on the folder, then there is  need to grant permission . Folder permission is granted to Everyone group to allow any one accessing the folder to make necessary changes on the content of the folder.

The steps are as follows –

Right click on the specified folder

Click on properties

Move your cursor and click on  on security

Select and click on Edit to change permissions

On the Permission For My Folders,

Click Add.

permission to a folder in windows 8


On the option to Enter the Object name to select, enter and select  Everyone

Grant full permission to Everyone, apply and Keep clicking the Ok button to exit the process


This is a short training on how to create folder, share folder and grant permission to a folder in Windows 8 platform

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