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WPTouch Mobile Theme

Adverts Not Displayed On WPTouch Mobile Theme 2   Recently updated !

WPTouch Mobile Theme WPTouch Theme is a WordPress mobile plugin that automatically optimizes your WordPress site for mobile devices. It is a trademarks of BraveNewCode Inc. ( Another good WordPress […]

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Adverts Not Displayed On Jetpack Mobile Theme   Recently updated !

Adverts Not Displayed On  Mobile Theme JetPack is one of the best available Plugins for WordPress websites. More than fifty websites I designed for people are all powered by Jetpack. […]

Beyond web design for business growth

Beyond Web Design For Business Growth 2

Business Growth And Web Design I have been getting these questions about frustrations some business owners experience. This is  after getting their business website without any spontaneous sales increase. They […]

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Designing A WordPress Website 1

In Web designing, you need to understand some terminologies in order to flow with the tutorial.  Some of the terminologies are simplified here as follows- Web  – This is seen […]