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cardless ATM withdrawal in Nigeria

Cardless ATM Withdrawal: How Does Cardless ATM Withdrawal Work In Nigeria

The Cardless ATM withdrawal in Nigeria, introduced sometime in April 2014 by Interswitch has been adopted by some Nigeria banks. They banks include Guarantee Trust Bank, United Bank for Africa, First Bank, Zenith Bank and Stanbic Bank. But this service is yet to get the attention of many bank customers.

The awareness is sluggishly growing among Nigerian bank customers. But the question is-  are the banks doing enough in creating the awareness among their customers.  Investigation shows that most banks ATMs have the service installed.They are not being used.

The banks need to educate their Customers and increase its awareness.

Customers should know that they can withdraw cash from ATM without using their ATM card. Many bank customers keep asking the questions- How do you use cardless ATM in Nigeria? Can you take money out an ATM without a card?  They should know it is possible. It is easy and simple.


I have taken sometime to explalin how this cardless ATM withdrawal works in some of the Nigerian Banks.

Zenith Bank Cardless ATM Withdrawal.

Quickteller powers the cardless ATM withdrawal. In Zenith ATMs, It is displayed under  Quickteller cash out option.  This is because the Card less ATM withdrawal is powered by Quickteller. It enable mobile money users an opportunity to withdraw money from ATM without the use of card. They can also send money to others who may withdraw cardlessly at any ATM location using the 12-digit code and a 4-digit PIN sent to him or her.

The user will receive a 12-digit code and a 4-digit PIN. A customer can use these codes for safe withdrawals across Quickteller-supported ATMs nationwide.

(See more Zenith Bank USSD codes)

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GTBank Cardless ATM Withdrawal:

  • Log on to your account on the Mobile Money app. Or Select “My Account” on the SIM menu
  • Initiate a cash out request from your phone
  • Select Cash Out
  • Then Select “From ATM”
  • Type the amount you wish to withdraw and Enter your Account PIN
  • You would get a message with a Fund Access Code (FAC) that would enable you cash out from an ATM.
  • Visit any GTBank ATM
  • Select ‘Cardless Withdrawal’
  • Enter the Amount, your Phone Number, The Fund Access Code (FAC) and your Account PIN
  • The ATM will dispense the cash.

Check out GTBank website


Wema Bank Cardless ATM Withdrawal (Cash-On-The-Go)l:

Wema bank uses Cash-0n-the-Go option when you dial *945# on your mobile phone to implement cardless withdrawal. It involves the steps –

  • Dial *945# on your mobile phone used in opening your account with the bank.
  • Select Cash-on-the-Go option among the given options.
  • Generate a withdrawal code by following the prompts
  • Move to any Wema bank ATM and withdraw the simplified amount by supplying the generated code.

You may also dial-  *945*8*Amount# for Cardless withdrawal

UBA ATM Cardless Withdrawal:

UBA Customers do not need to bother about not coming out with their ATM cards. This is because they can always withdraw money from any ATM without the use of  ATM card. This type of transaction is initiated from the phone already registered with the Bank.

  • From the registered phone, dial *919*30*Amount# and follow instructions.
  • Then move to any UBA ATM or any other cardless enabled ATM.
  • On the UBA ATM screen, press any key.
  • Select “Paycode Cashout”
  • Enter the required Amount and press the OK button.
  • the ATM will dispense cash after verifying your Cashout code sent to your phone as sms

The ATM dispenses maximum amount of N20,000.

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Fidelity Bank Cardless ATM Withdrawal (Dial4Cash):

Fidelity bank uses the Dial4Cash to ensure their Customers make withdrawals from cardless enabled ATMs nationwide. This is good news for Bank customers who may be without their ATM cards in one time or the other. Customers initiates  cardless ATM withdrawal  from the Mobile number registered with Bank by dialing *770*8*AMOUNT# .

A customer desiring to withdraw N5,000 dials *770*8*5000# and follows the on screen instruction. Get One-Time Password (OTP) and Paycode .

  • Then move to any cardless enabled ATM
  • Enter your Paycode, PIN, OTP, Amount and Mobile number
  • The ATM will dispense cash after verifying your details.


Diamond Bank Cardless ATM Withdrawal (Magic Cash)l:

With Diamond Bank’s Magic Cash, all customers of Diamond bank can do a cardless withdrawal from any of their ATMs. Customers are required to register for the service in any of their branches before commencing the operation.

  • Customer sends SMS  ATM to 30811 using the registered mobile number.
  • The customer gets the 6 digits magic code.
  • Then move to any Diamond Bank ATM and select “Magic Cash” option.
  • Enter the registered phone number with +234 (Example: +2348037241900).
  • Then enter the received 6 digit magic code
  • Create and confirm a 4 digit magic PIN (Create 4 digit PIN for first time users).
  • The ATM will dispense cash after verifying your details.

This feature is only available for Diamond Bank customers using Diamond Bank ATM.


Union Bank Cardless ATM Withdrawal (Cash-On-The-Go)l:

Union Bank cardless ATM withdrawal is a bit different from others. This is because Union bank requires all its customers to download Union bank mobile App on their phones before carrying out a cardless ATM withdrawal.

Union Bank prides itself as the only Nigerian Bank at the moment to have its own unique Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code for the mcash payment. Many Banks rely on shared USSD code from NIBSS for mcash merchant payment.

This is how Union Bank cardless ATM withdrawal works:

  • After the App download, the customer first logins to the Union Bank banking mobile App.
  • Generate code using the mobile App.
  • Then move to any Union bank ATM or cardless enabled ATM  with the generated code.
  • The transaction is completed at the ATM by entering the code and mobile number.

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