Basic Computer Concept 4




DEFINITION:-  A computer is an electronic device which accepts data as an input, processes it,

stores it , and gives out information as an output. A computer unlike a calculator, is able to store a

program and retrieve information from its memory. Most computers today are digital, which means they perform operations with quantities represented electronically as digits.

Computer As An IPO

Computer is an electronic machine that has been programmed. It works with data as an input.

These data are sent into the computer for processing through the input devices. After

processing, the output is released to the user through the output devices. The IPO stages is

considered as the computational stages of  computer.


INPUT STAGE:– Computer works with data as an input, the data must be input into the

computer using an input device. The input could be in form of number, letter, symbol or graphics


PROCESSING STAGE:-  After the input stage, the computer processes the data it has received,

by following a set of instructions (called a program) specifically written to solve problems.

The central processing unit (CPU) carries out work (processing) on the data sent into the


OUTPUT STAGE:- At this stage, the computer provides a result called output to the user through an output device such as monitor, printer, etc. This output can be inform of softcopy or hardcopy.

Characteristics of a computer

RECEPTION OF INPUT:- This is the ability of computer to accept data or instruction from a user.

PROCESSING OF INPUT:– Computer must be able to work on data sent into it.

PRODUCTION OF AN OUTPUT:– Computer must be able to respond to any input given to it by sending out output in return.

AUTOMATION:– Computer once given an instruction to follow can complete it without human intervention.

ACCURACY: Computers are very accurate in performing tasks. They can perform hundreds of thousands of operations with great accuracy. It can only give you a result that is not correct if it is given an incorrect input. That is why a computer is sometime referred to as GIGO meaning Garbage In Garbage Out.

SPEED: Computer works with speed that cannot be compared to human being. It can

perform millions of instruction within seconds.

VERSATILITY:  Computer can perform many different types of tasks.

STORAGE: A computer is able to store data, program, etc and retrieve information from its memory.

 DILIGENCE: Computers do not get tired like humans.

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